Free airport transfer on booking 3 nights . From 30$ for one night
Our restaurant is specialized in local Vietnamese dishes. To give you a first idea about Vietnamese food we offer several dishes with a combination of some of the many local Vietnamese specialities.
For a lunch or dinner in the privacy of your home, a cocktail or a large seat down event, Les Trois Gourmands is your ideal partner for a successful gourmet catering.
La Villa began as a concept. A place where Chef Thierry would no longer be bound by the limitations of 5-star hotels or high-end restaurants, where he’d previously worked. It would be a creative space to explore French gastronomy at his own pace, in an environment designed to facilitate the best of what excellent ingredients could offer.
You're in a foreign country, Vietnam needs to work, work, seminars ... they need a visa to enter Vietnam. There are 2 ways you can apply for a visa to Vietnam: A visa is at the gate, two as visa at the Vietnamese Embassy in the country where guests are staying. If accommodation / your country has an embassy or consulate of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam, you can apply for a visa to Vietnam but it may take much time and is not convenient. To help you apply for entry visa convenient, fast, the Company will apply for solar Tourism dispatch visa approval of the Immigration Administration Vietnam allows guests entry to Vietnam
Visa once a month is a term visas for a month and were allowed entry once. But at the same time as foreign nationals on entry into Vietnam several times, it is many times a month Visa. Once you know what is the type and purpose of his visa in Vietnam, foreign citizens can choose the form suitable for entry application, saving cost and time.
We strive to serve you tasty and healthy Lao and Thai foods in a relaxed atmosphere.Our Meal is freshly made to order with a perfect blend of spices and herbs to accomplish the delicious and unique taste of authentic Lao and Thai foods.
We are looking forward to serve you whether in our casual and comfortable dining rooms, carry out, or catering. To both our beloved regular customers and those new to Lemon Grass, hope that you will enjoy your time dining with us.